Monday, September 14, 2009

A Very Long Day

Day 7-Logrono-Najera
9 hours 10 minutes-29.4 km

Last night we found out that the Pilgrim hostel in Narjera, our next stop was closed. There was much confusion. Everyone trying to figure out new plans for their walk. The village 10 km before Najera would have been a great stop and not such a long day. But that only is a small stop with a Pilgrim hostel with only 50 beds., and with so many Pilgrims on the road it would be nearly impossible for us to compete for a bed and it would have put us behind out planned schedule.
Some pilgrims took the bus to grab the first beds, others got up and left by 5AM to get there early.
We decided to stick to our planned schedule and come to Najera anyways. Most every hotel was filled with Pilgrims.
What a luxury to stay in a hotel. complete privacy!! A BATHTUB...which I hogged for at least an hour!! and a hairdryer. My hair, which my lovely niece cut real short and very retro looking, for convenience has seen neither comb nor hairdryer for over a week. It feels wonderful after 7 days of hostel living with no privacy, very cramped quarters, shared baths and showers, and snoring in 20 different languages!!!
This old body was not made for 2 nine hour hikes back to back though mountainous terrain.
So I am feeling pretty great even though very exhausted.

I wish you peace, love, and laughter


  1. Well mi Madre, looks like another long day tomorrow then a little reprieve for a couple days. Hang in there. Take a bus or something if you need too. That's my plan. Hehe.

  2. Hi Mom, Wow! A hotel room and bathtub. A real treat after doing without your every day comforts. I can't believe you walked for over nine hours! Please take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you and dad every day. Love, Susan

  3. Well, you took the lemons and made lemonade, Rita! Take care of yourself - glad you had a bit of unexpected pampering, though.

  4. Sounds like a lovely break in a hotel! Am enjoying reading your accounts Rita. Who could have known it was going to be quite so busy.... a bit like everyone starting on May 1st! If you didn't have a schedule to keep up with it might have been easier to go slowly at the rear and let them all get a few days ahead!!! Anyhow I am looking forward to reading of your next adventures.

  5. Hi grammy,
    I came home from school today... just for the night. It is a very tough semester, but it's always good to have a challenge... right. I also have a bad cold so mom is making me some chicken soup right now, it's taking so loooong. We just gave Pokey a bath in the sink and I think I might bring him up to school with me tomorrow for a couple weeks! Love you and glad to hear you got to stay in a hotel for a night! Must have been nice!
    love your fav,

  6. Hi Rita, It's so neat to read comments from your family. I'm sure you love hearing from them too.... That's so special.

    Glad you made it today--and have a hotel to stay in... I know that bath felt really good. Glad your hubby is with you on this part of the pilgrimage. Maybe having that hotel was meant to be tonight.

    Take care my friend. I cannot imagine walking that much at one time.


  7. Rita, I am enjoying your diary very much! I had to laugh at the thought of snoring in 20 languages! You are a marvel, and I look forward to your next posts!