Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Day of Friendship and Laughter

Day 19-Reliegos-Villar de Mazarife
6 hours 12 minutes-24.3 km

Leon is an amazing City: The Cathedral is a work of art and the gorgeous ancient architecture and art filled churches of Europe still continue to amaze me. We walked around in the evening and it was a city of lights, sidewalk cafes, families strolling and of course Pilgrims. I wish I had more time to explore this beautiful city, but the Camino calls and we start our walk before the sun is up.
One of the nice things about ending our walk in a large city is that in the large Pilgrim hostels you are bound to find friends that you have lost track of. And this was the case in Leon. We are never far apart, but we just don´t know exactly where we will end up each day, as we all walk at our own pace. Ron lost me twice today while he was busy walking and talking with other Pilgrims.
Our little band of Pilgrims has turned into a little family of about 10-12 special friends. We always seek each other out and are so happy to be together once we find each other again. The reunions are a fun part of the day, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of stories to catch up on.
Todays walk was marvelous. Sunny with a nice cool breeze. We are out of the flat boring area and are now entering a prettier countryside, with a few rolling hills. Even though we walk alone, at each stop our little band of Pilgrims ended up together for a bite to eat and something to drink. Today we planned to stop at the same place for the evening. Most of us are here now, oa few moved on to the next village. We will cook a meal together and spend time in the evening in the garden drinking wine and telling stories.
We chose a funky little place with a nice garden and pool and Ron and I got here earlier than the others and were given a private cool is that!
A very happy day!!

Love to All


  1. Glad you liked Leon! I loved it. So much more raffish than civic Burgos.

  2. that funky little place if its called jesus is the party place of the Camino, hope you had fun!
    thanks for posting and bringing back so many memories.

  3. Sounds like a marvelous day and a beautiful place. Glad you got a private room... That was special for sure!!!!

    These new friends will be friends for a lifetime for sure... That is totally awesome.

    I'd love to see that city and the cathedral. WOW!!!!

    Have as good a day today as you had yesterday.

  4. Hi Mom! How great to get a private room! I noticed how many bunkbeds there were in one room in the other picture!! I am glad you have bonded with so many new friends and that all continues to go well. So bummed I missed Dad's call. All is well here. Love you, Susan