Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Relaxing Day

Today we slept an extra hour and had breakfast before starting our walk. It is the first we started walking when it was already light out.
A very pleasant day for walking.
We are now entering into the "Meseta", similar to our midwest in the USA. No hills! Just wide flat paths through flat open fields as far as you can see, with an occasional village to stop in.
We walked a leisurely pace today, a good part of the day along a pretty canal. We stopped to take pictures of the locks and a shepherd came through with a huge flock of sheep.
We stopped a few times at outdoor cafes for food and drink
I found a pharmacy and bought some electro-lite packets to add to my water. I had been using them, but ran out and neglected to replenish them. I guess I had to learn the hard way, but it won't happen again.
Our little group of friends walked on another 6 km to the next village. We opted to stay here. Now we have met a whole new group of Pilgrims and we are fast becoming friends.
It has been a very good and relaxing day.
Love to all

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  1. Hi Rita

    the meeting of other like minded souls must be one of the highlights of a walk...
    take care

    Happy days

  2. Hi Auntie Rita,
    Now that sounds alot better!! Yeah!
    Love, Amelia

  3. Hi Mom, glad to hear you are doing well. Ellen and I will be there soon. I've added those packets to my list of supplies I still need to get. I figure that you are in Boadilla del Camino right now. I am sure the Meseta will be warmer than the mountains. See you in Sarria!! Love Heidi

  4. Glad you are hearing from your family, Rita. I know that is special for you. Everyone is really rooting for you.... I'm personally SO proud of you --and this great adventure.

    Glad you got some packets to keep your blood sugar from going so low. I carry sugar packets in my backpack when we hike long hikes--since I have a tendency (actually George does too) to have low blood sugar when I'm over-heated and over-worked.

    Hang in there. Sleep well, my friend. Glad you are getting to know so many new friends.

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