Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Powerfully Simple and Glorious

Again we started our day walking by the light of the waning moon, but we were under deep forest cover which made it very dark. We were walking on very uneven, steep terrain wit lots of loose rocks. It was a day to use headlamps and flashlights, and of course mine was at the bottom of my backpack. So I followed in the light of a few other Pilgrims.
It was very rough and rocky terrain with lot of steep ups and downs. But they were never too long, and the magnificent views made up for the rough walk.
During this part of the journey, the Camino crosses many times the Arga River, so we crossed over some beautiful medieval stone bridges and we always had the background music of the river song.
The last several hours of travel was on busy roads and through the city of Pamplona. The noise of the traffic whizzing by at what seemed like frightening speed after the tranquil mountain and forest trails. The noise of the city was sharp ana annoying, and the heat of the day rose from the pavement making for an unpleasant walk for an already exhausted body.
My feet didn't want to go any further and my knees were cranky all day. I had to put on my knee brace early in the day.

It was a much more physically challenging and tiring day than this old body cared for.
My lesson for the day was that our bodies are far more capable of the physical challenge than we give them credit for. And that if we concentrate on God's little treasures like birdsong and mountain flowers and the majesty of a countryside; that the physical pain and exhaustion is diminished and we are left with something powerfully simple and glorious.

I wish you peace, love, and laughter
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  1. Wow Rita, Sounds like a hard day. Maybe they ALL won't be THIS hard. BUT--hearing the water and seeing that WATERFALL probably made your day worthwhile.

    Good Luck along your journey and God Speed.

  2. Hi Mom, Ellen and I have been watching your blog and clinging to every last word. We are so excited and can hardly wait to join you. Today seemed like a diificult day. I'm sure there was such a change from the peace of nature to the caos of the city. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. You shall be much stronger than us by the time we get there. We need to step up our training in order to keep up with you. Love your very proud daughter.

  3. Yeah Rita, You made it through a challenging day. I believe that the simple is always the most powerful. Birdsong, mountain vistas, and running water will rejuvenate you. Take care of your knees and listen to your body!

  4. Hi Mom, I have been thinking of you every day and watching your blog. You had a hard day, but I hope there will be some easier days ahead. Sounds like you earned a glass of red wine!! Tell dad I said hello! Love you both, Susan