Thursday, September 17, 2009

Challenging Day

Day 10-Belorado-Atapuerca
8 hours 11 minutes-33 km

A very challenging day. We walked up hill nearly all day, with a few steep declines. The Camino passes through open fields and pine and oak forests.
It was cold enough for a fleece jacket and gloves this morning in the early morning.

An overcast day meant we didn't see our shadow much today. Always moving west, we are accustomed to spending time with our shadow, literally and metaphorically. As I walked alone in silence I cannot help but look at my shadow in front of me and contemplate my "shadow self".
It is a wonderful exercise in looking inward at ouselves..."warts and all"

A great day for walking, when we got to our planned stop for the day we still had plenty of energy and walked another 3 hours longer than planned.
It is very strange...if someone told me a month ago it was only another 3 hours further after walking a strenuous 5 hours, I would have thought them crazy.
But walking 3 extra hours after a long uphill slog seemed natural.
My feet are constantly in pain, my back and shoulders ache, but miraculously my knees are fine. I don't use my knee brace or my Korean patches.
But we humans can reach beyond the pain and the aches and we find the inner strength to keep on keeping on.
God Bless
Love to all


  1. Well done, Rita! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful and spiritually uplifting journey.

  2. OMG!!! I hear your transition. I am so proud of you Mom. You are so focused. This is a wonderful journey for you. I am so glad you are brave enough to do this. Bravo to you. Thank you for everything you do for this family. We know we can do anything with you as our matriarch. See you soon. Love Heidi

  3. Hi gram it's Maggie again, I just wanted to remind you how much I love you and how proud everyone is. We just had thursday night dinner after I got home from work. Can't wait to see you when your home. Love you so so so much, your knit-wit (:

  4. Terrific, Rita.... So you are on Day 10. How long does hubby stay with you???? I know he has to leave soon. BUT--then someone else comes to be with you the final 5 or so days, Right??????

    You seem to be doing great. As much as I love hiking, I cannot imagine walking THAT much EVER. I'm just so proud of you.

  5. Well done Rita

    you are a wonder woman...

    Happy days

  6. I'm with Betsy--as much as I love hiking I can't imagine doing as much as you are now, but then that's kind of the point isn't it? To stretch and grow. Good for you!

  7. Hi Rita and Ron,

    I am enjoying reading about your journey this week. I hope Ron is well. What wonderful people you have met. Aws I read your story, I can't help but tear up and smile. Darren and the kids say stacy