Thursday, September 24, 2009

Magnificent Night Sky

Day 17-Calzado de Coto-Reliegos
7 hours-26.7 km

Today we walked in the dark under a magnificent sky. You could almost reach out and touch the stars.
The Camino went through fairly boring, flat land with some farmers tilling fields. It was hot and sunny with very little shade.
We can now see the Cantabrian Mountains in the far distance. We will be climbing those steep hills in a few days.
We lost track of our Korean friend Su again. His young legs were restless and he had to move on.
Ron walked all day with Philip, but most of the time I lagged behind. It was great to walk alone in quiet contemplation and prayer.
I walked for a while with a woman from Germany who only knew a few words of English, so I struggled with my limited German and between us we managed to have a nice conversation about many things.
The photo is of Ron and Philip in from of a church in a small village we passed through.
I think if you click on the photo it will enlarge and you may be able to see a stork nest on the bell tower. There are giant storks nests in the villages throughout Spain on churches, towers, or any tall structure.
It has been a very relaxing and sociable evening in the Pilgrim hostel. Lots of new people here.

Peace, love and joy
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  1. Neat picture, Rita... Glad you got to walk some in the night sky while almost touching the stars. WOW!!!

    Glad you are meeting people along the way. Even if you don't speak each other's language, there's alot of great communication which goes on I'm sure... Love it.

    Rest good my friend.

  2. Rita,
    I have been praying for Ronnie to stay the distance. Guess it's working. My pc is down and Emma tried to post here last week, I don't think you got it. Hope you get this . Love to you both,