Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gaudi Palace

Day 21-San Justo de la Vega-Rabanal del Camino
7 hours 28 minutes-26.7 km

We stopped walking just shy of Astorga by a few kilometers, but the beautiful architecture of the pretty little city of Astorga was golden in the early morning sunlight.
The photo is of a palace by Antonio Gaudi which brought back memories of a trip to Barcelona with our granddaughter Brittany and all the beautiful Gaudi buildings.
Today's walk was pleasant and easy. One long gentle uphill journey to Rabanal with a rather steep and rocky climb for the last hour. The day was perfect for walking, sunny and clear with a gentle breeze.
The landscape is changing. We passed through some very old and interesting villages.
This Camino is a photographers dream.
We are seeing a lot of new Pilgrims that just started their walk in Leon or Astorga. You can tell them by their new crisply starched clothes, white socks, new boots and spry walk.
The rest of us are a ragtag band, limping along, tattered and torn like a band of refugees.
The "newbies" haven't been toughened by the wear and tear of nearly 600 kilometers on their feet, tolerating blisters and aches and pains and swollen joints to slow them down.
We are 2 days ahead of schedule for meeting our daughter in Sarria next Monday. She will walk the last 114 km with us.
So for the next week we will walk much shorter days.
It means lagging behind our little band of Pilgrim friends and that saddens me to have to lose touch with them. But I am looking forward to the luxury of only walking about 18-20 km each day, especially since the Cantabrian Mountains are now looming right in front of us and we will have several difficult days.
I wish you peace, love, and laughter
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  1. Hi Auntie Rita,
    Glad to hear your ahead of schedule. I'm sure it's nice to know you can slow down the pace. You and Uncle Ronnie have walked so far. What an accomplishment! I have many people reading your article that I left at work. Clients ask if I know the person and I proudly tell them your my Aunt. Take care of yourselves!! Love Amelia

  2. Hi Mom, I'm glad to hear you are ahead of schedule. I see O Cebreiro coming in a few short days. I am still amazed at how far you have journeyed. I can't wait to see these beautiful buildings first hand. God Bless you and Dad over these next few days. See you soon. Love Heidi

  3. Hi Rita, Sounds like things are working out SO well for you two. Glad you can slow down for awhile.. That will make the last several days easier to tolerate.

    That palace is gorgeous.

    Have a great day.

  4. You might find that you speed past some of the newbies on the climb up O'Cebreiro! I think most people stay in Astorga, so we never got to see thee morning light on the city quite like that- what a special sight.

  5. I just read yesterday's post about "Angels of the Camino"...such kindness you are experiencing...and today I can visualize as you say the "newbies" and the "ragtag band"...
    You must be so tired at night...but a rewarding good tiredness.

  6. Hey Rita,
    My Aunt Ann sent me this "Pilgrim Prayer" today. I want to share it with you.
    Guardian of my soul,
    Guide me on my way this day.
    Keep me safe from harm.
    Deepen my relationship with you,
    your Earth, and all your family.
    Strengthen your love within me
    that I may be a presence of your peace
    in our world.
    Glad to hear your good!
    See you soon - Ellen