Friday, September 18, 2009

Camino Angels

Day 11-Atapuerca-Burgos
5 hours 25 minutes-20.4 km
We started off in the pouring rain, Pitch dark and had a steep rocky climb for the first hour. The path was all ledge and loose rock and with our already muddy feet it was treacherous.
It rained all day till we got to Burgos.
Today was to be my husband Ron's last day of walking. Tomorrow he would take a bus to Madrid and fly home from there and I would continue on the Camino.
For the last few days he has been saying that he would like to change his flight and continue to walk with me all the way to Santiago.
Then yesterday he had a very bad back problem and nearly couldn't walk to our destination. By the time we got there he could hardly walk and he almost dropped to his knees with back pain when taking off his backpack.
The hostel we stayed in had bunks for 6 people. Ron went off to the shower and 3 Spanish that were sharing the room with us came in. One couple and a man we had never met.
We started talking and I told them about Ron's problem and how he wanted to change his flight and continue walking but now it was almost certain that he had to return home.
Well, it turns out that the man was a military doctor and had some special anti-flammatory cream that works wonders for bad backs.
The woman with him, wife of the other man rubbed Ron's back with the cream.
There was much laughing and fun. As Pilar gave Ron's lower back and buttocks a massage. Her husband took photos with their camera and ours and we were all laughing hysterically when he kept shouting " I have the evidence for divorce, for 2 divorces!"
Ron's back felt great in no time. I asked to write down the name of the cream so I could buy some at the next pharmacy. The doctor told me that I could not buy it in any pharmacy because it is a special cream for the military. But he just happened to have an extra tube of it and a much as we tried to decline his offer, he insisted Ron take it as a gift.
Later in the evening Ron went to the restaurant for wine and saw that our 3 roommates were there and he had a bottle of wine sent to their table. Pilar came over to thank him with hugs and kisses.
They say that no matter what happens, the Camino will provide whatever you need.
So, as it turns out we have met another Camino Angel, and hopefully the special anti-flammatory cream will help Ron's back and he will change his flight and continue on to Santiago with me. Stay tuned....
Love to all
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  1. Oh Rita, I hope Ron gets to stay with you. That would be so fabulous. Glad the 'angel' helped his back.. Amazing how that wonderful God takes care of us... WOW!!!!!

    Keep us posted.. I pray for the best for you and Ron.

  2. Hi Mom and Dad, I really hope Dad's back gets better. That will be great if the cream keeps working. Keep us posted. Love you, Susan

  3. I'm glad there was wining instead of whining after the back rub and Heaven sent cream. What an experience you are having! May God continue to accompany you every step of the way.

  4. Our thoughts are with you guys, we know you have the spirit to see your journey to the end.
    We're following you daily. You may need a gallon of that cream before the trip is over.

  5. Hi Rita! we are finally well into our walk. I´m sure that Ron will carry on walking with you, after all these days and experiences together! Isn´t it fantastic?We are now in Lorca (before Estella) and taking it easy.Had appalling weather climbing the Alto de Perdon yesterday, not to mention the MUD, which I´m sure you are most probably experiencing too!I´ll add you both to my prayer list tonight! Anne

  6. hey grammy! i love reading your blogs, you should write a book. i'm sure you'd be very good at it. you are such a strong woman and i am so happy for you. hahaha i laughed out loud when i read about the buttt massage. so glad you are having fun! i love you so much. love sarah.