Friday, September 25, 2009

Oasis in the Middle of Termoil

Day 18-Reliegos-Leon
7 hours 30 minutes-25.2 km

The walk today was again on boring flat track with little shade. The approach to Leon was along busy highways with lots of construction going one. Dodging traffic and hearing the large construction vehicles noisily raising dust as they raged past us made the walk very frustrating. With a long steep climb and very long sharp descent on a washed out road toward the end of the day, made the walking not at all fun today.
But we had a gloreous experience that made the whole day worth while. When passing through one intersection a man opened the gate to his property and I got a strong whiff of onions and earth.
We exchanged  good mornings and I said "You must be working in your garden" at which he beckoned us to enter his garden. Ron and I are both suckers for a nice garden so I knew a glimpse would be a treat.
It was like noise, peace and tranquility and good old fashion Spanish hospitality. 
The man had a wheel barrow full of his freshly harvested onions as big as grapefruits. I commented how beautiful they were and he said this years crop was not so good. I asked to take a few photos of his garden and his flock of chickens and he went about his business of  working in his garden. At least that is what I thought. He came out of the garden and filled my wide brim sun hat with about a dozen small tomatoes and two huge green peppers. Then he tryed to give us more. I thanked him profusely and told him I could not take any more vegetables.
So all day we munched on fresh tomatoes, but we still have two giant green peppers, as there is no kitchen in the convent we are staying at tonight, so I could not cook something up using them.
So we will cut the peppers up tonight and have them to snack on tomorrow as we walk.
This kind gesture and the few minutes in the Oasis of the tranquil garden with a kind Spanish gentleman made our day special and the walk was not so bad after all.

i wish you peace, love and laughter


  1. A great encounter with the onion and tomato man! Such are the wonderful experiences on the Camino. I hope you had a wonderful time in Leon. I loved that place.

  2. Hi Mom, how amazing that you you visited a nice garden today. For the first time since you have been gone I visited your glorious garden and picked the most beautiful peppers I've ever seen. I also snacked on few carrots with Michael. They were delicioso. You were receiving peppers from someones hard labour and unknowingly donating from your own. See you in Sarria!!!!!!!! Heidi

  3. Hi Auntie Rita ,
    I'm sure your journey will end bitter sweet. You'll be So glad that it is over and it is time to go home to family and friends. You'll be sad it is over leaving the many friends and people that have forever changed your life. You have encountered so many wonderful experiences of humanity. You and Uncle Ronnie are more than half way through your walk and every day yields something different. Enjoy !! Love, Amelia

  4. Hi Rita, Looks like that gardener helped make it a good day... Those tomatoes and peppers probably tasted (or will taste) really good. That was so nice of him.

    Hope tomorrow is a good day!!!! That steep mountain is getting closer. My love and prayers are with you.

  5. Another day, another tomato? Each day is a surprise, a little bit of drudgery, a little special gift appears. On the Camino or at home we find what we seek!