Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magical Day

Day 12-Burgos-Hornillos del Camino
4 hours 45 minute-21.2 km

Today's walk was short (less than 5 hrs) and very pleasant. The morning was very foggy leaving the city of Burgos. The scenery covered with fog made for a magical morning.
We were accompanied on our journey all day by the singing of the birds and the tinkle of sheep bells as they were shepherded through the hills.
We are staying in a small medieval village(population 100). The little old ladies are so charming sweeping the sidewalks and tending their flowers in front of their century old homes.
Last night in Burgos we visited the second largest Cathedral in Spain. With it's tall spires and 21 chapels it is an amazing and gorgeous example of architecture and spiritual beauty.
We went out to dinner last night with the couple who started to walk in Vienna in May, the Germans who started their walk in Bavaria in June, the man who started his Camino in Lichtenstein in July and a young girl from Hungary. At the next table were friends and fellow Pilgrims from Spain, England and France. We were a real united nations. It was a happy and jovial evening.
The good news of the day is that Ron was able to change his ticket and will walk to Santiago with me. I am sooo happy and Ron's back is improving.
I wish you peace, love, and laughter
PS- the photo is from the Rioja wine district
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  1. Rita, I'm so pleased that Ron can walk with you to Santiago. That's just totally awesome.

    Glad you had a fairly easy day overall... Could you eat the grapes???? Yum--I'd like that as much as the wine.

    I'd love to see that cathedral. Your trip is totally awesome.


  2. That's great that Ron will be able to continue the journey with you!! It sounds so incredible.


  3. Hi Mom, I am so glad Dad's back is doing better and that he was able to change his ticket. The trip sounds like even more than you dreamed. Love you, Susan

  4. Hi Auntie Rita,

    I have missed the blog for the past couple of days. I was so sorry to hear about Uncle Ronnie's back and then relieved to hear about the magical cream. Hoping your journey is everything and more than you anticipated. Take care of yourselves. Wishing Uncle Ronnie continued back relief!! Love, Amelia

  5. You don't look as if you have been hiking for 12 look very refreshed and happy!

  6. grammmmy!
    its hollly. i miss you, but am glad your having a good time. i was happy to hear grandpa could stay with you. hope your having fun, love always holly

  7. Hi Auntie Rita! It is me Emma!! I have heard about your trip! It sounds very long and tiring! It sounds very cool!! I am really interested in your trip and would love to hear more.

    Hope you hear from me!
    God bless,