Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Treats

Day 23-Riego de Ambros-Ponferrada
3 hours 54 minutes-9.6 km
The first 2 hours of our walk was steeply downhill on a very rocky narrow path. As usual we started walking in the dark which made for a painfully slow descent.
But after a while in the early morning light, the mountain scenery was stunning and we found that we had descended into a deep beautiful gorge.
Off and on the Camino has had wild blackberries growing along side the trail.
They are a nice excuse to stop for a few moments and enjoy a sweet treat.
Speaking of sweet treats, we only walked for just under 4 hours today!!
Then we left our backpacks and walked around Ponferrada with its beautiful churches and an impressive castle.
How great it was to walk around without a heavy pack and to have most of the day to enjoy exploring, eating ice cream, and relaxing.
Peace and Joy
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  1. I've never seen so many blackberries hanging ripe on a vine...that was a treat!

  2. Hi Mom! You look great in the picture! I am so glad you had a short day and time to relax and eat ice cream! Hello to Dad! Love, Susan

  3. Rita,
    Heidi told me to email you the Pilgrim Prayer but for some reason when I email you it is coming back so I copyed and pasted and I am resending...
    My Aunt Ann sent me this "Pilgrim Prayer" today. I want to share it with you.
    Guardian of my soul,
    Guide me on my way this day.
    Keep me safe from harm.
    Deepen my relationship with you,
    your Earth, and all your family.
    Strengthen your love within me
    that I may be a presence of your peace
    in our world.
    Glad to hear your good!
    See you soon - Ellen

  4. Love that picture, Rita. You look like a Happy Camper. Glad you had a shorter day --and could enjoy the city and the ice cream. Bet those blackberries were wonderful.