Monday, October 5, 2009

Taxi Anyone??

Day 28-Sarria-Portomarin
7 hours 50 minutes-24.4 km

Last night the girls arrived by taxi and got dropped off in front of an ancient stone church near our Pilgrim Hostal, to the sound of the church bells ringing, as if witnessing and rejoicing their arrival.
They only had time for a shower, a bite to eat and a visit to the beautiful church.
The walk today was equally as magnificent as the past few days with all the canopied woodland trails, open panoramic vistas, and peaceful country villages that time has passed by.
I am so happy that the girls' first day was so gorgeous. Their excitement brought back memories of y first few days. They oohed and ahhed and snapped photo after photo.
The terrain was not easy. We had a long steady uphill trek most of the day, with a very steep descent. At one point the girls knees were so bad, they tried walking down backwards.
Heidi is in the photo by one of the frequently seen taxi signs. I have seen many taking advantage of taxis or having a courier service carry their backpacks from one stop to the next.
The girls were on such a high with the excitement of being here and the beauty of the countryside that nearly 8 hours of walking didn't faze them.
I wish you peace, love, and laughter
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  1. Hi Mom! Its so great that Heidi is with you and that she had such a good first day. How great that this part of the trek is so gorgeous!! Love to all, Susan

  2. Hi Rita,
    I got excited when I saw the picture of Heidi! I had a good laugh. I'm so glad she and Ellen are with you and Ron now.What a wonderful time for all of you. Love and kisses to you all,

  3. Hi Rita,
    So glad your daughter and friend arrived safely. Though your days seem long, it helps that the scenery is so gorgeous! Keep trekking!

  4. Oh how neat to have the girls there with you. That will give YOU new life and new energy. Glad the day was so GREAT.

    Keep on plugging.

  5. Hello All,

    I just read Ellen's blog and posted her a message asking how many miles you all walked today. I see you've noted it - approx. 15 miles: WOW! Sounds like the first day for all couldn't have been better. Love that you got a picture of Heidi. I want to see a group photo next!

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's update. How fun this is for you and for all of us back home getting to read about your adventure.