Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Day 31-Arzua-Pedrouza
6 hours 32 minutes-21 km

A very relaxing walk today. The girls and Ron were out late last night, one of the drawbacks of staying at a hotel(or one of the bonuses, depending on how you look at it).
We got a late start, and actually started walking in daylight for the first time.
A delightful walk. Heidi and Ellen like to stop at every coffee shop!
Although the rain held off all day, it felt like walking through a rain forest. The air was heavy and thick with moisture.
The landscape is still lush and green and we passed through more eucalyptus forests, but now we have tropical climate and plants. There are palm trees, banana trees and even cactus.
And as always along the Camino the ancient medieval villages that time has passed by.
Most of the villages grew out of the need of serving the pilgrims and have changed little over time.
We went out for dinner tonight and had our best Pilgrim meal.
It has been an emotional day for me.
Tomorrow I walk into Santiago. I have mixed feelings.
It will be the end of a long hard journey....or will it?
How will I feel when I enter the city? Or when I finally greet the Saint that I journeyed so far for?
What are the lessons I have learned?
What does all the pain and suffering and struggle and perserverance signify?

Peace, love and laughter
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  1. Hi Auntie Rita,
    The bitter sweet end of your journey in Spain is approaching. The adventure is something that no else can imagine unless they have actually endured it, but it has truly been a gift to me to read your blog daily. Your journey is something that no one can take away from you and it is a grand accompishment to say the least . Life as we know it is a continuous journey and does not stop until the day we stop. May your day tomorrow be filled with peace, love, and laughter. My best to you, Uncle Ronnie Hieid and Ellen. Love Amelia

  2. Hi Mom, Its hard to believe you have only one more day of walking before you reach Santiago. I can't even fathom what the journey has been, but I have loved reading your blog and can't wait to talk to you in person. I remember the night before you left you were emotional, with similar questions, doubts and anticipation about the journey. Enjoy and savor your last moments of walking and the city of Santiago! Love, Susan

  3. Hi Rita, Ron, Heidi, and Ellen, hope all is well with you. Wow, only one more day left. I'll bet your glad you're at the end of your beautiful journey, and yet probably wish it could still go on a little longer. It's been a lot of fun reading your blog, and what a lot of interesting responses from all over the world! Have a great day tomorrow, good luck, god speed and god bless. Love, Adam

  4. Hi Rita,
    It's hard to believe that you have one day left. I think we all will go through a little withdrawal from looking at your blog daily. We all have felt your journey in our souls and have cried tears with you. Thinking of you when we wake each day wondering how you are. Good luck tomorrow and god be with you. Love and kisses to all, Carol

  5. I think that I, too, have mixed feelings. I'm so excited that you are reaching your finale, but I will miss reading about your journey. I hope you keep on blogging! Peace and Love, -Cheryl

  6. It's hard to believe that you've come so far and will soon enter Santiago. I'm sure your joy and sorrow will come together in celebration. You've done well!

  7. Cheryl from FloridaOctober 8, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    I can't believe you're at the end of this journey but I know you will find a new adventure. Enjoy the moment you will remember it as a rewarding experience.

  8. Hi Rita, I cannot believe that your journey is almost over. I have been right there with you every single day. Thanks for allowing me to go through the journey with you.

    God Speed on your last day/days.

  9. I have followed every day too and recognize the bittersweet feelings of the end of a glorious journey.

  10. Hi Rita
    you walk in the footsteps of many others,most including me would like to walk that last day again,thanks for posting and allowing me to walk with you in spirit.
    soak it all in and enjoy ( respect to your husband)
    so what happens now?

  11. Perhaps the thing you can walk away with is a sense of eternity? Think of how many lives you have touched in a positive way by taking this journey (esp. thanks to the Internet). People love your Blog and your writing style. It's not an ending today, but just preparation for your next adventure!

  12. Hi Mom, Love the blog, but I just want to set the record straight here. Every coffee shop is about 10 kilometers apart. So after walking four hours, naturally we want to stop. Its either stop or drop. It is very enjoyable taking a little break, even though they are never long enough. Thanks for this incredible journey. By the way we have just arrived in Santiago!!!!!! Love Heidi