Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celtic Country

Day 24-Ponferrada-Villafranca de Bierzo
7 hours 7 minutes-24 km

Our relaxing stay yesterday in Ponferrada was highlighted with a visit to the magnificent 12th century Templar Castle.
Another bonus was the big and modern Pilgrim Hostal we stayed in. We were reunited with many friends we had lost track of including Antonio and his adorable donkey Don PePe.
It was a long walk out of the city this morning then a long stretch along a busy highway. The noise and exhaust fumes were very annoying.
The morning was shrouded in mist and we had a light drizzle most of the day.
We are now entering Celtic country and it looks very much like Ireland, with lots of rock walls and green hills. Beautiful scenery of farms, orchards, vineyards and a spattering of sheep made it a delightful walk.
We had a long steep climb at the end of the day into the picturesque town of Villafranca de Bierzo.
Tomorrow we start a few very difficult days with our highest and hardest climb of the Camino.
Love to all
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  1. hey gram! i miss you so much, and i am very proud of you. i'm glad today was a good walk. the picture you took is beautiful. can't wait to read more blogs! love ya. - sarah

  2. Ooooh, celtic country! Don't forget to look for fairies! It might keep your mind of the long climb of the Camino. Wishing you all the strength and endurance you need.

  3. I'm back from the UP and will scan your posts while I was gone - no service for my phone and so no internet! You're getting better reception in Spain. Go figure... Glad you are still on-track. I look forward to your further posts. Take Care. I've been thinking of you. I was with my friend, Sue, in the UP - she is the one who walked the Spanish pilgrimage and will do the French Camino in the spring.

  4. CHERYL from FloridaOctober 1, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    What a wonderful picture. As you know I love architecture and art.It looks like that building is a work of art. You seem to be enjoying everyday. Be well.

  5. Hi Mom, I hope we are still in Celtic country when I get there. I love fairies. Good luck during your climb of O Cebreiro. God Bless Heidi

  6. Hi Rita, That castle looked so neat. Did you get to see inside????

    Wish I could see the Celtic countryside... Bet that is gorgeous. My hubby has been to Ireland--and says it is gorgeous.

    Good Luck tomorrow.. Take it slow and easy!!!!