Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enchanted Day

Day 27-Triacastela-Sarria
8 hours 6 minutes-26 km
We started our walk in the rain and it continued to rain off and on most of the day.
Our guidebook says we ascended only 200 meters, but we climbed up and down so many times, so I think we climbed the same 200 meters over and over again all day long.
Picture this: Miles and miles of trail canopied over with ancient ivy covered trees on one side, an 8 foot high moss covered timeless stonewall on the other side, a flowing river with several waterfalls and ancient stone bridges, little hamlets with tiny centuries old churches and one of the oldest most gorgeous monasteries in Spain.
That was our Camino today.
A long hard trek with lots of climbing, but the most enchanting day so far.
Now, in less than an hour, our daughter Heidi and our friend Ellen will arrive to walk the rest of the way to Santiago with us.
Blessings to all
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  1. Hi Auntie Rita,
    That picture is so enchanting. You are so close to your goal. How wonderful!! I'm sure seeing Heidi and Ellen will be so great for both you and Uncle Ronnie. Thinking of both of you! Enjoy!
    Love, Amelia

  2. Hi Rita, I'm sure that the best part of today is meeting your daughter and friend. How special is that...

    Your trail looked so pretty... Love the icy covered trees. Would love to see the waterfalls.

    Have fun!!!

  3. hey gram! i bet your so excited to see ellen and my mom. i miss her already! this should be a great adventure. i love you. -sarah.

  4. Enchanting is the perfect word to describe what that path looks/sounds like! Seems to have provided cover from the rain as well? Hope I hear that tomorrow there is more sun for you all. In any case, I'm sure you will enjoy the day no matter the weather!



  5. HI Rits,
    What an amazing photo! I see that the day was long but the surroundngs were amazing! Glad you'll soon have some more company to share your adventure with.