Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three Caminos

Day 26-OCebreiro-Triacastela
6 hours 40 minutes-21.7 km

There is a saying in Spanish about the Camino. Loosely translated it goes like this:
The first part to tame the body. (Roncesvalles to Burgos)
The second part to tame the spirit.(Burgos to Leon)
The third part for the pleasure of the soul.(Galicia)
I think it holds pretty true.
The long hard days of trekking through the Pirenees certainly let's you know that your body is much more capable than we give it credit for and we push it each day beyond its limits.
Then there is the flat, hot, shadeless plains of the Meseta that seem to defy all rules of time. Patience is tried. It becomes a challenge of the will to endure the boring hot lonely landscape.
Now we are in Galicia, the final stage.
So far it has been magical and spirit lifting. Trekking hard terrain I still feel light and alive.
And the divine is revealed in these expansive vistas lifting my spirits.
I keep stopping, drinking in the unbelievable miracle around me.
The peace, the quiet and the beauty are overwhelming.
They bring joy to my heart and sustenance to my road worn body.
Peace, love and joy

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  1. Rita, You bring so much of your spirit to us. I admire you so much. Love that picture.. Who is that gorgeous, smiling lady?????

    Have a great day/evening.

  2. Hi Mom, you look great in the picture and the scenery is just beautiful! I am so glad you have completed the hardest climb! Love, Susan

  3. Hi Auntie Rita,
    Great picture! The scenery looks magical.
    Love, Amelia

  4. Day 26! Wow. The background scenery is beautiful but it doesn't match the beauty of your smile! Congratulations and keep on walkin'!

  5. Hi- I came over from Cheryl's blog. I wish you continued success. Blessings from Idaho!

  6. Hi Rita,
    You look so fit! Glad you are gaining such physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Keep walking!

  7. Hi Rita,
    What an amazing journey and you are truly an inspiration.
    Sunny :)

  8. "Trekking hard terrain I still feel light and alive." I believe you're now walking—not simply with a physically adapting body—but with a heightened and energized spirit. And wasn't that the core reason for your Camino journey?

    If so, the Camino is giving you exactly what you came so far, and labored hard, to find. How very wonderful!

  9. Greetings Rita and Ron!

    What an amazing blog Rita. It's just fantastic.
    I've had to start from the beginning and work my way backwards and I've so enjoyed everything I've read thus far. It will be nice to hear about your upcoming adventures with the addition of Heidi and Ellen!!

    Peace, love and joy right back at you!!


  10. its cheryl who directed me to this blog... its so wonderful

  11. Or, as I also heard, and slightly differently, the 1st stage is the Way of Reflection, the 2nd stage the Way of Penitence, and the 3rd stage the Way of Glory...