Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Different Camino

Day 29-Portomarin-Palas de Rei
8 hours 15 minutes-27.1 km

We started of by the light of the full moon walking steeply uphill. It started to rain and continued to rain off and a good part of the day, but the countryside was filled with farms. We walked through several tiny farming hamlets. We met a few locals when passing through them and the girls had an opportunity to talk with them. They are amazed at the local hospitality and true warmth for the Pilgrims in this rural area.
One local farm couple were taking their herd of cows out to pasture and invited us to walk with the herd. We had a great conversation with the herdswoman.
We enjoyed watching the little dog work the herd and when one bull went astray it was amazing to watch the little dog take charge over the huge bull and in no time had the bull back with the herd.
Ellen and Heidi did great on this long tough walk today. They were ready to quit toward the end of the walk but we took a few minutes break and they were fine again.
I remember how exhausting the first few days were. I am really proud of how well they did.
Tonight we all had dinner with our Jesuit friend Philip; then we were joined by friends from Australia who will slow down tomorrow, so we won't see them again. So we stayed and had a farewell drink with them and Philip who we may not see again.
We talked about the feel of the Camino and how it has changed in the past few days.
One only needs to walk the last 100 km to receive a "Compostela" certificate so there are so many new Pilgrims on the road. We hardly see any of the Pilgrim friends we started with.
I am so happy that Heidi and Ellen are here to enjoy these last days with us.
Blessings to all

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  1. Wonderful to hear of your adventures, Rita. Everyone is still smiling! Happy walking to you.

  2. What a great experience to share as a family—and what wonderful adventure! Walk on!

  3. As always, so great to hear how your day went. I'm happy for all of you! After a long day of walking, it amazes me that you have time and energy to do a daily blog entry.....and keep it so interesting and complete! You Wonder Woman, you!

  4. Hey Auntie Rita,
    This blog is so good. Love hearing about your day and can't wait until your next posting.
    The certificate is almost in all of your hands.

  5. I am happy they are there with you also, Rita... This is an experience of a lifetime --and I'm so happy that you took me along. Don't think I got much exercise though.

  6. Love the picture! Great that Ellen and Heidi kept going. It sounds so tough. Loved hearing about how you met the locals. Hope you all get a good night sleep, not to mention, well deserved!

  7. Hi Mom! It sounds like a great day even though it was hard for Heidi and Ellen. They look great in the picture. I can't believe your journey is almost over. We are all so proud of you! Love you, Susan