Friday, October 2, 2009


Day 25-Villafranca de Bierzo-OCebreiro
9 hours 35 minutes-36.9 km

It was a very long, difficult day, but a very exciting and rewarding one.
In the morning the trail was along side a highway, but the bonus was that we followed along side a flowing river with several small waterfalls.
The sound of the rushing water and plenty of birdsong made for a very happy day, which just kept getting better all day long.
We walked steadily uphill all day. The first 5 hours were on good flat track.
But then we started our very steep ascent to OCebreiro.
The trail was very rocky and rough, but the higher we went, the more gorgeous the panoramic views that surrounded us were.
We passed through several Celtic villages complete with Celtic music. I expected my granddaughter Holly to appear at any moment doing the Irish Step Dance.
OCebreiro is like being on top of the world with 360 degrees of brethtaking views.
The village itself is charming with all stone buildings, some round with straw roofs.
We had originally planned on 2 days to make the tough ascent. But weather perfect, outstanding scenery and storybook villages kept our spirits high.
Ron said if you can't see God by looking at this magnificent mountain scenery, you never will.
A perectly magical day, even though my feet are aching miserably.
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  1. Am so glad you had good weather to see the views as you climbed O'Cebreiro. Truly beautiful.

  2. I guess it's worth the miserably aching feet to witness the magnificent mountain views at OCebreiro. Take care.

  3. Hi Mom, oh how magnificent. O Cebreiro!! You did it. What an accomplishment. Sarah is snuggled up in my sleeping bag as we are going through my pack one last time. See soon. Safe trekking til we meet. Heidi

  4. Wow--I can just close my eyes and think about the beauty you are around. I'm so envious. Even though the day was hard, I know you are glad you made it. Hope you get some good rest tonight.

  5. Hi Rita,
    Congratulations on your ascent to OCebreiro! The aching feet will pass but your memory will remain. I can hear the waterfalls and running water as you describe them plus your panoramic views. I'm thinking of you.

  6. hi rita
    well impressed,plus love your understatement of 36.9km.

  7. Hi Rita, I thought you said you would take shorter walks thses days - instead you do the whole O´Cebreiro walk in one day. Yes, the views are magnificent, aren´t they? We are way behind you now, taking it easy with approx 22 kms per day walks (today we are in Ledigos and I guess tomorrow Saragun. I´m so glad for you that Ron decided to stay and do the whole Camino with you.Anne

  8. u could have posted some celts photographs...