Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training-River Walk

The last 2 days I upped my Camino de Santiago training walks to two 5 hours back to back walks. And although the walks are getting longer now, they are never the same and never boring.
This week the tides were low during my early morning walks; so I got to slog along the river bank for a good part of the morning.
The river always makes for an interesting walk, and a little time for playfulness, too. In my opinion adults don't make enough time in their lives for playfulness and that is why some age so fast.
The salty smell of the river, the sloshing in the muck, wet up to my thighs from reeds and sea grass, all make for a delightful morning. I couldn't take the smile off my face.
I thought I was a kid again; stocking a Great Blue Heron. Chasing him along through the tall grasses, trying to get a photo. But alas, he was to quick for this old gal. As soon as I got close enough and got my camera ready he was off and hiding in the next clump of growth. You can barely see him in the photo. I finally gave up and found other things to occupy my senses.

Another thing I love about my river walks is that the landscape is so different and interesting that the hours see to fly by.

It fascinates me how the trees grow; their roots living half their time submerged under river water and then being completely exposed to the air and light for the other half.

I don't know what these lovely bushes are, but they give off a beautiful sweet fragrance and are a joy to look at.

So, with all this fun going on, 5 hours went by in a flash. Tough life I have these days while training for my 500 mile trek across Spain, don't you think??


  1. Hello Rita,
    What a delightful 5 hour trek! I enjoyed every step - the heron looks regal and those roots are spectacular. I'm glad you're snapping pictures as you walk - you're getting valuable practice for Spain when you'll be seeing beautiful sights around every bend. Possibly your bush is Chokecherry - did it have dark black smooth berries under the white blooms? I don't know if it grows as far east as you are.

    Keep trekking!

  2. Hi Barb
    I didn't see any berries, but i will check net time I am on that walk.
    Yes, I hope to take plenty of photos along the Camino. My problem is I am so curious about everything, it may take me twice as long to get from one spot to the next each day. I don't like to miss out on anything and Northern Spain is so lovely, I just know I
    will stop ever other minute to see something interesting!!!

  3. Rita, I love all your photos. It truly does look like you have a beautiful area to 'train' in. Have fun! It doesn't matter if you take longer because you keep looking at things along the way. I think I feel sorry for people who never learn the joys of 'going slow'!

  4. Hi Kiwi
    I am lucky to I live in a very beautiful area for walking, but I don't have many hills or mountains unless I drive nearly 2 hours, which I do sometimes.
    If I don't go slow I miss too much. I think of Joyce Rupp's wonderful book "Walk in a Relaxed Manner", the title says it all. And that is just how I plan to walk the Camino.

  5. I love the scenes along the river. The walking is great exercise and obviously fun, too.

  6. Hi Janie
    Yes walking is lots of fun. And we can always do things to make it more palyful, fun and entertaining.
    happy Trails

  7. Hi Rita,

    Don't worry about hills, when you are on the Camino and you have no choice but to walk up, you will make it up! Just take your time! Enjoy your practice walks!

  8. Hi Compostelle
    Thank you for the encouragement. Only 4 weeks to go!1 I can't wait.

  9. Rita, you won the book giveaway. Please email email me. Michaelle

  10. Hi Michaelle
    Wow! I've never won anything. Thank you!
    I'll be in touch

  11. Rita! .... I'm jealous ... my camino is finished and yours is about to begin. Although by the looks of it you will be much better prepared than I ever was. Your photos are a delight and that forest area looks like a great place to be hiking through. I look forward to your Camino.

    Have you thought about how you will go about blogging whilst on the road?

    Buen Camino

    Mark (backpackingteacher)

  12. Hello Mark
    I enjoyed so much reading your Camino blog!! It kept me motivated and now it is less than a month and I will be on the Camino. Can't wait!!
    Thank you for all your inspiration.
    Big Hug

  13. Small little things are sources of immense joy and nature always has such a calming effect on all :)

  14. Stillness,
    You are so right. If only we would stop more often to enjoy those "small little things" our lives would be more joyous.