Monday, August 24, 2009


On my way to take my training walk, the early morning sun was trying to break through some dark clouds and made such lovely patterns and streams of sunbeams, I had to pull off the road to sit and watch the playful banter of dark and light. This photo is from my Blackberry.

I recently bought a Blackberry. I was told that I will have phone, email and internet service where ever there is cell service, while I am on the Camino in Spain. So there will be no need to look for internet cafes along the way to be able to keep in touch with family back home and also keep updating my blog.

Well, I just started following a blog of a Pilgrim who is walking the Camino right now and is successfully blogging from his Blackberry. I don't know who his cell service provider is, but I am hoping that my provider will come through and provide me with the service they promised.

So this is my first "official" post and photo from the Blackberry. (I say "official" because I did a test post last week and deleted it. But one reader was quick to see it and left a comment).

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  1. what is the name of the blog of the pilgrim who is walking just now?

  2. Hi Happywanderer
    The blog that I mentioned is Camino de Santiago-Johnnie Walker

  3. Hi Rita,
    Didn't realize you were so close to doing your pilgrimage. You're ready, that's for sure. Will E-Mail you later re:your question to me. I'm excited to get your updates from the trail - hope the Blackberry works!

  4. Hi Barb
    I will be leaving September 6. Less than 2 weeks to go!! Yes, I think I am ready, I am getting anxious now.

  5. Hi Rita, Why don't you ask the guy who is hiking the Camino what provider he has? We have Verizon --and love it. It seems to be so much better than AT&T... Don't know about the others.

    My best friend has a Blackberry and loves it.


  6. Hi Betsy
    I have verizon too, and have been happy with it here and traveling. I even had good service in Russia!!
    I am not very tech savvy, so I am feeling my way around the Blackberry and learning (good to have help from grandkids!!) as much as I can in the next few weeks, so I will know what I am doing, at least somewhat, when I get to Spain.

  7. Hi Rita

    I have popped over from Barb's and just read back through your posts.
    I will be very keen to watch your progress as would love to do the Camino de Santiago walk.
    Are you walking with a group?

    Last year I walked the Nakasendo in Japan. We walked 5-8 hours a day, but only had to carry day packs as our gear was taken on ahead. It was a wonderful experience.

    I am glad to have bumped into you

    Happy days

  8. Hi Delwyn
    Thanks for stopping by and joinging as a follower.
    I am not walking with a group. My husband will walk with me for the first 12 days, then I will be on my own. Nobody will carry my things to the next place, I will be carrying everything on my back. So packing ultra-light is crucial.
    I have not heard of Nakasendo in Japan, but I will look it up. I may have to add it to my "must do" list.

  9. Thank you, Rita, for visiting my blog and leaving such kind remarks. What a wonderful adventure you have ahead! I will be looking forward to each and every post! Best wishes!

  10. Hi Rita,
    Thank you for a very useful information regarding the preparation for the Camino. I myself will also plan to do the camino on summer next year.
    I find your blog provides me a very useful information regarding the personal preparation.
    Buen Camino...
    I will follow you

  11. Hi Cheryl
    Yes it is a great adventure and I am looking forward to it.
    thanks for the good wishes!!

  12. Sephirot
    The preparing and planning has been a fun part for me and keeps me on track and motivated.
    I hope that your journey next year will be very exciting and rewarding.
    They say it is life altering.

  13. Hello Rita, thank you for your lovely commens on my blog! What a wonder technology is! i admire your sense of adventure & your bravery on taking up such an incredible adventure. What an experience it will be *ruthie*

  14. Hi Ruthie
    Yes, I expect it will be an incredible adventure and a very memorable experience, I am really looking forward to it.

  15. i too have been dithering about my hi tech links to home, This looks like my solution ;-)))

  16. fsken
    I hope it works for you. I was going to have to buy a cell phone in Spain anyways and then have to find internet cafes and wait in long lines, so the Blackberry seemed like a good solution for both. So, if verizon's service in Spain is as good as they tell me it is, I'll be all set.
    Good Luck

  17. That's great that you'll be able to use a Blackberry to keep your blog (and us) updated! I should look into that to lighten our load when traveling!!


  18. Hi, LLL
    We'll soon find out if the Blackberry works. Only 7 days and I will be on my way to Sapin. I hope it works out, as you are so right, it will lighten the load when traveling.