Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Step Closer to The Camino de Santiago

Our Pilgrims' Credentials came in the mail from the American Pilgrims on the CaminoA Credential is sort of a passport. It serves 2 purposes. It identifies you as a Pilgrim, allowing you access to hospitality along the Camino. And when presented with all the proper stamps and dates of the stages of the Camino, it enables the Pilgrim to receive a Compostela certificate in Santiago de Compostela.
Each day the Pilgrim must get the Credential stamped and dated in the albergues, parishes or sometimes in commercial establishments, police stations or other places along the Camino.
Pilgrims who have walked, rode a bicycle or rode horseback and present the dated and stamped Credential, which provides prove that the Pilgrim has completed a stage of the Camino, are offered a bed, washing facilities and sometimes a communal meal. Most albergues or refugios are in monasteries, convents, hostels and some are in privately owned establishments and often times only charge a donation or small fee.Once the Pilgrim arrives to Santiago de Compostela and presents the Credential at the Pilgrim's office, they receive their final stamp and their certificate called a Compostela. The Compostela is the official certificate that vouches for the fact that the Pilgrim has completed their spiritual pilgrimage.Not all Pilgrims make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for spiritual reasons. Those that do not make the pilgrimage for spiritual or religious reasons do not receive a Compostela. However they do receive another certificate.


  1. Well that's very interesting! Very good post, Rita! I know people who walked to Santiago de Compostela and they told about it, but you showed the certificate, the stamps,the Credential, and you told about the places where you could stay. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. That is so interesting, Rita. I have heard of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela ---but have truly enjoyed seeing all of the credentials... WOW!!!! Neat Post.

    My blogger dashboard is still out. I will add you as a follower once it comes back.

  3. Hi Reader Wil & Betsy
    I am learning a lot about the Camino myself as I read more about it while preparing for my trip. I am glad you enjoyed

  4. How exciting, Rita! Now you have another tangible thing to keep you headed toward your goal.

  5. Rita,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, now I can follow yours. I've read all your entries and look forward to your arrival on the Camino.

    Reading your entries, particularly about the Tang (!?), let me add from experience that the water, plentifully available along the camino for the scores of people you'll walk with every day, is from deep underground - containing all sorts of minerals needed by the body; the cafés and bars along the way cater to the needs of pilgrims. This has been the way for a thousand years. I haven't heard of anyone getting ill from the pilgrim fountains, and it's certainly in the interest of the local authorities to ensure the water is consumable.

    If the water isn't enough, consider the two most widely consumed drinks by European pilgrims and hikers in general, beer or wine with unsweetened carbonated lemon/lime mineral water mixed in (in northern Spain: 'clada' or 'caña/vino con gas') a tasty, inexpensive, natural, refreshing and ancient mineral replacement drink with less than 3% alcohol (for the beer), enough to remove concerns of contamination, but with some carbs along with the minerals.

    Ultreia and buen camino!

  6. Hi Barb
    Yes, it is getting exciting now. Only a few short weeks and I will be in Spain.

  7. Hi Winter Pilgrim
    Thanks for all your input.
    My concern with the tang drink is more for electrolytes than contamination. I have been to Spain many times and know the water is good to drink.
    But I have had problems with electrolytes in the past, so for me it is important to make sure they stay balanced.
    Thanks for stopping by. Keep writing about the Camino, as it is very helpful for those of us who have not walked yet and are trying to learn as much as we can before walking the Camino.

  8. Hi Rita ...

    I saw your post from your blackberry ...came through ok on google's blog reader app. but I didn't see it on your blog when I went to comment ...strange

    On the water thing ... you will often find a drink called Aquarius on the Camino ..it's a gatorade type drink and will replace many of the electrolytes your body needs ...



  9. Hi Mark
    Yes I have heard about Aquarius. I guess it is like Gatorade, so that will be good to have available. I really have to watch my electrolytes, and the Tang mix I use is easy to have on hand at home, but on the Camino, I will rely on Aquarius. No extra weight to carry.
    Have a great day

  10. I came in here to convey my thanks for the gem of an advise you left for me on my blog :)

    And now that I am here, I must say this post was very informative! I learnt something I never knew before. Shall come back time and again to know more :) Take care :)

  11. Thanks for your visit this morning Rita...I notice some of my favorite bloggers are visitors of yours...I will be returning too...Very interesting pilgrimage you are undertaking!

  12. Hi Wanda
    Yes the pilgrimage should be quite an adventure. 3 weeks then I am of to Spain!! Can't wait!!