Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Under The Milky Way

My sister once told me she thought I had my head in the clouds and that I was always reaching for the stars. I never was sure what she meant by that. I have always been a dreamer, though, that I am sure of. So, now here I am reaching for the stars, but not just any old stars, I'm shooting for the Milky Way.

The Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is said to lie directly under the Milky Way, which guides the Pilgrim to the burial place of Saint James the Apostle. The "nickname" Milky Way goes back well before the time of Saint James when the ancient Celts had their own version of the camino(way/road), following the via lactea(Milky Way) towards the sea at Finisterre (Finis Terrae) the end of the known world, at that time.

Hence, the name of this log which I have created so that my family and friends, or anyone who cares to, can keep track of my progress as I make my Pilgrimage, walking more than 500 miles, through mountains and valleys, from the French border all the way across Spain, "under the Milky Way"

How charming and romantic to have the stars of our precious Galaxy, the Milky Way, to light the path and guide me on my journey. Even though I know that it will be both physically and mentally challenging and will take a great effort to make this trip, especially being the "woman of a certain age" that I am, I look forward with the sense of adventure and wonder of a child. I really think I am going to like this trip.


The beautiful Milky Way photo(used with permission) is by Larry Landolfi. Please visit his website and enjoy some of his amazing photos.


  1. You will love the trip. Take a look at the blog accounts of my own 2 pilgrimages if you have time. Buen Camino!

  2. Hi SW, I took a look at your camino posts, as well as lots of other good stuff!! I am enjoyig reading it all. Thanks for stopping by.

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